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Sex Doll Buyers Guide

Joi Machine Sex Doll Buyers Guide


By the time you finish reading this you will know everything you need to know to purchase your first sex doll and save yourself hours of researching online trying to piece together all the information you need to know to be an informed buyer.

For newbies to the world of sex dolls making that first doll purchase can be a confusing process. There are so many different types of dolls and options out there, and so many things to learn that it's hard to know where to start. 

Hopefully this will be a quick guide to help clear up any questions you might have and get you to pull the trigger on that first doll


What are the main types of sex dolls on the market


There are primarily two different types of materials used to make sex dolls. 


TPE and Silicone.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

TPE has a softer, more lifelike feel. it Is more affordable and easier to fix if something goes wrong. 

Silicon is more lifelike in appearance but has a harder feel to it and cost more to produce. 

While TPE is currently the industry standard for making sex dolls, silicon is still a popular option and with new innovations in manufacturing allowing for the creation of softer forms of silicon it might not be long before it returns to being the main material love dolls are made of.

What are the different customization options

While everything can be customized on a sex doll the most important option newbies need to be aware about are:

Standing feet -


standing feed options


Sex dolls can have bolts inserted under their feet to allow them to stand upright on a stand. While this might take away from the realism of a doll's appearance it is highly recommended for the convenience factor. And anyway unless you are a foot fetishist the soles of a woman's feet aren't one of her most desirable aspects.

Removable vaginas -


Removable vagina


Sex dolls come with both fix and removable vaginas. 

A fix vagina ads more realism to the sex doll experience but also creates some complications due to the fact that it makes cleaning your doll more difficult.

A removable vagina is an insert that you can remove for easy cleaning after use. While removable vaginas do not look as realistic as fixed ones, neither are they so noticeable that it would take away from the experience. 

We recommend buying a sex doll with a removable vagina as it just makes cleaning up after sex a breeze.

EVO skeletons -


Evo Sex doll Skeleton


Sex dolls have different types of skeletons and many of the differences depend on the manufacturer and brand you choose to buy. But in general there are two types of skeletons on the market. 

Single jointed and double jointed. 

Regular skeletons are single jointed and allow your doll to be maneuvered into a limited range of motion. They are equipped with basic hinge joints at the shoulder elbow and knee, while the hips can be spread open for easy access for having sex. 

EVO skeletons are double jointed and allow for a greater range of motion at the skeleton such as movement at the skin and shrugging of the shoulders.


On the product page you can select either type of skeleton but we recommend getting an EVO skeleton to give you more options when having sex with your sex doll.


Breast texture -


Hollow vs Regular Love Doll Breasts


there are different kinds of breast options available. 

Standard , hollow and gel filled. 

Standard breasts are full and heavier to the touch, while hollow breasts are hollowed out in the center of the breast to give them a more life-like appearance. 

Newer dolls come with the option of Gel filled breasts which have a gel like substance inside that creates an even more realistic feel. 

The type of breast option you will choose will depend on how much of a boobs man you are and how much realism you require.


Heating systems -


sex robot heating and voice system


Some dolls have the option of a heating system that is inbuilt into the dolls skeleton. This allows for a greater degree of realism as it can raise the temperature of the doll to that of a real woman's body temperature.


The way this works is that there is a small insert on the underside of the armpit allowing you to connect a wire to charge up your doll's internal heating. This usually takes about 15 minutes.

The rest is self explanatory. Wig color, Skin Color, makeup style, toes, nails and anything else you can think of can be changed and customized. it's just a matter of preference

Almost all sex dolls come in two sections, a head and a body. Any head can be switched out for another head to give you more variety. Many dolls you can purchase will come with the option of an extra free head.

The exception to this rule is piper dolls whose heads are attached to the body to create extra realism

Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of a sex doll. You will need to move them about and it will take a certain amount of strength.


Most dolls are around 40KG. We recommend dolls that weigh between 30 to 40KG for most people has they will be easier to manage

If you are the type that wants a bigger thicker model then you will need to ensure that you have the strength to move her from her storage to your bed or wherever you wish to put her.

For most people this will not be an issue but it's something to keep in mind


how to pick up a sex doll


How To Store A Sex Doll


 How to store and hang a sex doll


Depending on the material there are different rules for how to store your dolls, but some clear rules of thumb are that if you are going to store your sex doll the best option is hanging, lying or standing on her standing feet.

If you wish to store your doll in a lying position please make sure it is on something soft like a bed or couch, or the box shit came in.

Any other position for prolonged periods of time may cause stress and could lead to the material deforming.

This is more of an issue with TPE dolls as the material they are made from is softer.

How are sex dolls cleaned and maintained

Sex dolls need to be cleaned and up-kept to maintain their longevity and ensure they are safe for sexual use by their owner

There are some simple rules to follow for different types of dolls

TPE Dolls - 

When cleaning your doll make sure that you wipe her down with a Soft cloth and mild soap. Do not put her in a bath or shower as water may enter into the body and rust the skeleton. A simple wipe down is enough. 

After wiping down it is recommended that you oil your doll with baby oil to help retain the quality and elasticity of the TPE material. This is ideally done once a month.


baby oil for tpe

After oiling it is recommended that you use baby powder on your dolls skin to help give it a smoother finish, but this is optional. This is done mainly to reduce drag when touching the doll.


baby powder for sex doll

It is recommended for TPE dolls to apply Vaseline to the groin and armpit areas every few weeks to help maintain the elasticity in the area as these can be high wear and tear areas

There is no need to oil the head of the doll as this is not a part of the body that gets frequently used and it can have the negative effect of removing the make up


Silicone dolls - 


Silicone dolls require a bit less care then TPE dolls because the material is more durable

You will still need to wipe your doll down with a soft cloth and mild soap to keep her clean, but oiling is not necessary with silicon.

After cleaning, powdering a doll down with baby powder is optional and gives a smoother feel and reduces drag when touching the material just as with TPE.

Be careful when cleaning the head of any doll as not to remove any of the make up

Having sex with a sex doll

When having sex with your sex doll you can have vaginal, anal and even oral sex depending on the model you select. While oral sex can be an option it is usually not recommended as it can damage the make up on a dolls face, But it is something that is possible and many customers enjoy doing.

When having sex with your doll lubrication is needed. It is generally recommended to use a water based lubricant for both TPE and silicone. 


water based lubricant for sex with doll

For TPE dolls Vaseline can also be used if necessary. Do not use Vaseline for silicone dolls as it can damage the material.

After sex you will need to clean your sex doll and there are different ways to go about this.

First off we would generally suggest that all customers order their doll with a removable vagina as it makes cleaning up after sexual use far simpler. You can simply pull out the removable part and clean it in the sink. Wait for it to dry and re-insert


removable vagina

For those that are looking for ultra realism and want a built in vagina things are a bit different as the cleaning process is more complex.

If you decide to have sex without a condom then you need to make sure you clean your doll afterwards to avoid any damage to the doll caused by moisture. This should be done fairly soon after use and not left overnight.


douche for vagina cleaning of love doll

Every doll comes with a kit to help clean your doll. Simply use the douche that comes with the doll to squirt water with antibacterial soap into her orifices to clear out anything that may be inside and ensure that the interior is thoroughly dried to avoid any hygiene issues. 

Inserting a tampon to absorb all the moisture is one way.


Another way would be placing a fan in the direction of the orifice and allowing the air to dry it out.

A more practical way would be to buy WMs’ new cleaning device that will clean and dry her vagina and let you know when it's completed. This will remove a lot of the work that goes into cleaning after sex.


WM doll Vagina cleaner


Another option when having sex with a fix vagina doll is Using female condoms as this makes cleaning much easier after use.

While having sex without a condom is one of the main reasons men buy sex dolls, it can be a useful way to have sex with your sex doll when cleaning up afterwards might be an issue. 

Female condoms can be bought at any local pharmacy.


Clothing issues for sex dolls


Many sex doll owners like clothing their dolls. While this is completely normal it is recommended that you do not leave clothes on your doll for long periods of time as they may cause skin staining.


How to remove a stain from a sex doll


This is more of an issue with TPE dolls with darker clothing. But a general rule of thumb is that once you put her back into storage, removing any clothing is a good idea.

It is also recommended that you thoroughly wash any new clothing you buy for your doll to make it less likely staining occurs when worn.

There are stain removing kits that can be bought in our accessories section if any issue like this ever occurs.

What is the life span of a sex doll and can it be fixed

TPE Dolls can last a very long time depending on how you maintain them. The usual life span of a sex doll is 3 to 4 years.

But if well maintained they can go on for much longer. The good news with TPE dolls is that they can easily be repaired with a TPE repair kit as the material is very malleable.

There are doll owners out there that have had their dolls for up to a decade.

Silicone dolls are very durable and can last even longer, but if something goes wrong they are harder to repair. But it is rare to have issues with silicone dolls unless you are completely careless.


Alternatives To Full Sized Sex Dolls

For those that are looking for a sex doll but feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information above there are popular alternatives.


Torso doll

Torso dolls are smaller versions of larger dolls where the legs and sometimes arms are removed. they are cheaper to purchase, easier to move around, easier to clean and maintain, and easier to store. check out all our torso dolls here. 

Another option is leg masturbators. these are the lower half of a sex doll without her upper half.

Basically her ass and legs. These are also a popular alternative as they are easier to move around, store, and clean.


leg masturbator


How long is the process from ordering to my dolls arriving

Once a doll is ordered the process can be very quick depending on the model selected.

Most dolls take about 5 - 7 days to prepare. There is a back and forth with customers to ensure that the item is as expected, and once that process is complete the doll is shipped and arrives within 7 days. 

All sex dolls are shipped in plain brown boxes, in a completely discrete way. no one will be able to tell the content of the Box from the outside. Everything is securely placed inside so as to avoid any damage in transit.


brown box that dolls are shipped in

There will not be any indication on your billing that the item in question is a sex doll so no one will be the wiser. 

The whole process is extremely discreet.



That is about everything you need to know to make your first sex doll purchase. Most of it is fairly common sense and once you become acquainted with doll ownership it is all very simple

Our personal recommendation for first time buyers is to go for a 30 to 40kg TPE doll with a removable vagina and standing feet.

but of course there are many advantages to silicone dolls, and Heavier TPE dolls with Big boobs and asses are also very popular, so it is really just up to you now to decide what is the ideal doll for your needs

and of course if you need any help deciding please don't hesitate to call or email us, or just live chat with us and we will help walk you through the decision making process and find the best doll for you.


Joi Machine Buyers Guide

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