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Please beware where you buy your sex dolls from, the sex doll industry is a tricky landscape to navigate and there are many potential scams and pitfalls for those that tread carelessly.

Here are a few tips to make sure that you don't fall prey to any scams and get the doll you want.

The price is too cheap.

There is a limit to how cheap a sex doll can be. 

Buy Anything under a 1000$ and you are risking either receiving a knock off love doll or one that has been created with cheap low quality materials that will fall apart in no time.

Sex Dolls come at a certain cost. 

The quality of the materials and the labor involved in making them means that there is a minimum price a sex doll can be made and sold for. 

This is even more true for any silicone sex dolls you may come across.

Silicone is an expensive material and creating a sex doll from it is a complicated process. It will be hard to find any authentic silicone sex dolls for under 1800$.

Buying from China directly.

The Chinese are great people but some of their business practices leave something to be desired. Due to the size of the country and population they have  developed business ethics that would not go down well in the west. 

Because they have an incredibly large customer base in china they can sometimes see customers as disposable and sell them trash without any concern for repercussions since there will always be someone else that comes along to buy more . 

Any first time buyers might be seen as easy prey and they will just pass off a doll onto you that is either fake, damaged, low quality.or simply nothing like the one you were expecting.

Always go through an approved retailer that deals with factories on a daily basis and has established relationships that can ensure that the product is as expected and can step in if anything goes wrong. 

Buying from Ali express and Alibaba.

Most dolls that are on Ali express and Alibaba are listed by trading companies looking to make a quick buck and move on. There are very loose rules on Ali-express and a listing can be taken down and put back up under a different name at any time once the customer has made a purchase and been scammed. 

Nearly all sex doll  listings on Ali-express are low quality knock offs, and although some of the prices may be tempting for newbie buyers, when your doll arrives, it will soon become apparent that your money was completely wasted.

Buying from fake sites.

There are many fake sites that will advertise that they are selling authentic sex dolls as authorized retailers of respected brands, when in reality they will simply ship you a knock off love doll from Ali-express and pocket most of the money. 

Some easy ways to check if who you are dealing with is a legit seller are: 

-Giving them a call and seeing who answers and whether they are westerners and know their business.

-Asking for factory photos of the doll you are interested in buying. Any retailer that is working directly with manufacturers will be able to get photos of whichever model you are interested in while in  processing and production.

-Checking their social media to see how often they are posting and if there is a distinguishable voice there. Any serious business would not have any fears dealing directly with their customers.

-Checking online to see if there are any negative reviews about the store.

In conclusion.


It is highly advised that you only buy from trusted western retailers that have direct connections with factories and can guarantee that what you are buying is exactly what you will be receiving.

If you have any more questions please call us at 1-323-984-8530 and we will be glad to help out!

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