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We know that buying a sex doll is not cheap and that it's not a decision people make lightly and that there is some risk involved. You can not always be sure of who you are dealing with and who you are buying your doll from....

So let us explain a few reasons why you should by from us

We are a USA based sex doll retailer that has had many years in the adult business selling sex dolls and sex toys.

We are one of the few western based sex doll retailers that has locations in both the USA and China and visits factories regularly to find out what new releases are coming out and what new innovations are happening

We have a team in China that regularly visits all the factories we work with and searches for new products for us to sell. Our team are native people that speak chinese and are able to communicate clearly with the factory and develop trust and relationships in a way that westerners just can't.

Our Team make sure that everything runs smoothly and that all orders are as expected. It is always a risk when doing business in China and we have found that the only way to ensure that everything is controlled and up to standard is to have a permanent team there that deals with all orders.

We are authorized retailers of WM, HR, Piper, SE, Irontech, JY, SIno, AS, XY. We regularly view all the newest products that are being developed before they are released and get to test and learn about them so that we can have an in depth understanding and help our customers with their purchase.

Most customers are first time buyers of sex dolls and can get confused with all the different options available to them. We have a wide and extensive knowledge of our products and understand what customers needs and concerns are. We can help clear up any issues or confusion when selecting the right doll for you.

We can inform you on what doll would be best for your needs and what practices would be best to upkeep and maintain your doll

We are always available to chat by call or email, and reply as quickly as possible to resolve any issues. Our customer service staff are all westerners and can communicate clearly with you and understand your needs.

We do not hesitate to dialogue with customers and potential customers as it helps us learn more about our business and how to improve it.

We do everything we can before hand to mitigate any issues before they occur but sometimes things can go wrong and we will do everything we can to resolve them.

All customers are updated about their purchase as the doll is being created so there are rarely any Problems.

But if there are any problems with the doll when it arrives we will cover them out of pocket to ensure that our customers are happy. We do everything possible to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible. We know that one of the best ways to get more customers is by referral so we want to ensure our customers are satisfied and help us grow our business.

If there are any issues with customs we will also handle that out of pocket. This is again another rare occurrence as we make sure everything is covered before the doll is shipped out. But in the event of there being an issue we will handle it

If you have any more questions please call us at 1-323-984-8530 or email as at
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