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Why Purchase from Joi Machine


We are a USA based retailer that knows its stuff. We know our customers and what they are looking for and want to ensure that they get the best experience possible when purchasing their first sex doll.

Having worked in the adult industry for years we have learnt a lot about what customers want and expect and what their fears and hang ups are when purchasing a high ticket item such as a sex doll.

Our aim is to help bring sex dolls into the mainstream by creating a high trust experience. 

We know that buying a doll as a first time buyer is not an easy process. There are so many options and details to take into account that many can get overwhelmed. 

There are so many dealers and fake models out there that its easy to end up purchasing a doll and not getting what you want and giving up on sex dolls altogether. Things like that give the industry a bad reputation and need to be solved.

We are here to help and make sure that every customer that buys a sex doll gets exactly what he is looking for. 

We won't mislead you or disappoint you. What you see is what you will get.

At Joi Machine we have a large team that includes people working for us in our warehouse in the USA Intercepting dolls, and people working for us on the ground in China that are in direct communication with the manufacturers. 

All this helps guarantee that every doll that we have created is exactly as expected.

We pride ourselves on working with only the best manufacturers and try to ensure that every customer gets the best deal possible. 

Every doll that is purchased is authentic and of the highest quality. No corners are ever cut in the manufacturing process and everything is done to the highest western standards.

Once An Order Is Placed

When a customer makes a purchase we ensure that there is fast and responsive follow up. 

Every aspect of your doll's creation is detailed with photos and videos to ensure that you know exactly what you're getting. 

At any point in the process we can change, improve or modify your doll if you are not satisfied. 

Your doll will only be shipped once you have given the green light and you are completely satisfied that the product is up to standard.

If there are ever any issues we have English, Spanish, Italian and French customer service reps that are reachable by phone, live chat and Email to help answer any questions.

Paying And Shipping

all payments are done securely and safely through either Paypal or a credit card, and we also are now accepting crypto currencies.  

Your privacy is protected by our privacy policy.

For those that are concerned about their privacy there is nothing to worry about.

All shipping is Fast and free and delivered with FedEx, UPS or DHL signed delivery.

All our packages are shipped safely and discreetly in brown boxes so no one will know its contents. 


For European orders we handle all customs issues out of pocket if any arise. 

Our billing will show no indication of it being a sex doll purchase. 


Packages can either be delivered to a home address or a delivery center. Whatever way works best for you just let us know and we will make it happen


The Basics Of Sex Dolls


For those that dont know all the ins and outs of sex dolls and are feeling a bit confused we will give you a quick run down of what you need to know when browsing the store

There are 2 types of sex dolls on the market as of now. 

TPE dolls and Silicone sex dolls. 

Both are medical grade materials and are perfectly safe for human contact.

These are two different types of materials that both offer pros and cons

TPE is usually cheaper and feels more lifelike, while silicone is more realistic to the eye but has a slightly harder feel 

TPE sex dolls are more malleable and easier to fix if anything goes wrong, while silicone dolls can be more complicated to repair but are more durable

When making a purchasing decision it will really come down to whether you want a doll that feels more lifelike or looks more lifelike

Over time the difference between these two materials has Diminished and both have similar qualities, so it is not as big of a decision as it may appear.

The biggest difference will be price, as silicone is more expensive. So there is an extra price to pay for greater realism.

Alternatively some people like to have a mixed doll option.

A TPE body with a silicone head is one way of getting the best of both worlds as you get the facial realism and body feel realism all in one doll.


You can find these kind of dolls here.

Basic Customization Options For Sex Dolls

There are a few key options that you need to take into account when making your first purchase

Fixed Or Removable Vagina - 

It is generally recommended for first time buyers to buy a doll with a removable vagina as it makes cleaning up after sex far easier.

For those that are more concerned about having a more lifelike appearance, then a fixed vagina will be the right choice.

Either way in terms of feeling there won't be much of a difference.

Standing Feet - 

A sex dolls feet can come with or without standing feet. 

These are bolts that are placed under a dolls feet to help her stand on a stand for easier storing.

While the bolts under a dolls feet can take away from the realism, their practicality can not be underestimated and it is highly recommended for first time buyers to get a doll with standing feet

The rest of the product and customization options for sex dolls are self explanatory and do not need much explaining. 

Skin tone, hair color, breast type... in reality there is no limit to how much a sex doll can be customized to create the ideal doll for your needs, so if there are options that you dont see on the product page and would like to add just reach out and let us know.

An extra piece of information that is quite useful to know is about the size and weight of a doll. 


The heavier a doll is, the harder it will be to move her around. 

It is something to take into consideration when making your first purchase. 

Most dolls fall between 30KG and 40KG, and it is recommended that first time buyers purchase a lighter doll for ease of moving. 

Of course this all depends on your physical condition and how strong you are, but it is something to keep in mind.

For those that are still not sure what all the different options are or mean, please read our sex doll buyers guide to help clear up any confusion.

For those that are concerned with how to maintain and upkeep a sex doll we have also made a guide for that and you can find it here.



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